Manual Bottle Capper Tool, Double Lever Hand Capper


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  • Material: Made of high-strength ABS material. The bottle cappers for homebrewing are designed for durability. The capper center push head features a small magnet to hold caps in place while installing.
  • Stability: This manual bottle capper has two lever handles and a magnet that provides stability when capping bottle after bottle. The bottle cap will not fall easily.
  • Characteristic: You can seal your homemade brews into beer bottles quickly and easily. This botter capper machine works for crown caps and non-threaded bottles and provides a secure seal on bottles.
  • Easy to use: Pushing down on the cap, clamp the edge of the bottleneck, and create an airtight seal to the bottle.
  • Applicable to: Standard beer bottles, soda pop bottles, champagne bottles, and other available bottles. Fits standard 26mm crown caps.


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