Buildthebottle Changing the World Of Brewing

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Buildthebottle Changing the World Of Brewing

Rarely has a homebrewing company opened with such enthusiasm, led by the famed homebrewer David Franken. A charming and sweet fellow,  His passion shines forth on his youtube channel; catching David on the street for a quick word will lead to a long and enjoyable conversation where you won’t realize that time has just flown by.  

From barley, malt, and hops, you will experience what a beer brewer experiences when he creates his beer. Leading you step by step through the process with tidbits and fun facts; this is a show you want to take advantage of. 

Releasing the first-in-kind kosher-certified beer recipe kits with no gelatin or finning agents, the beer kits have found more than just an ardent fan base in the Orthodox Jewish community but in the broader world at large such as vegans and those that know that Kosher Certified is going to be a higher quality product.

With a nack towards the weekend, Thursday night brewing seems like it will become in vogue with weekly surprise guests from Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo, a World Renowned Celebrity in the Distilling field, being featured in Forbes and other publications. 

There will be a weekly interview with David Franken on the topic. Stay tuned. 


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