Beer Brewing and Binyomin Terebelo and BuildtheBottle

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As noted in my previous interview series, beer brewing was my first passion, followed like thunder is to lightning to learning distilling. I spent years building my website with over 2000 recipes. This website is one of the largest databases of wine and beer making.

Over the next week, we look forward to launching the Shop on where you can purchase equipment and recipes. This has been under review for quite some time and now believe it is time to bring the experience of home brewing to the public. Experience the love and affection of a beer that you craft by hand sipping slowly and just enjoying it is a pleasure that so few experience but is needed by all. You will feel the thrill of creating wait the weeks of fermentation checking once daily. 

We will do a youtube channel, as well as weekly posts explaining every piece of distilling, both on Grogmag as well as

Looking forward to making this accessible to you and your friends over the coming week or two.

If you know what the image above is or if you have any questions, please reach out. I would love to hear from you, 5512387791


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