Here at Terebelo, We Are Proud to Use Glass Tops Vinolock. Here Is Why,

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Here at Terebelo, We Are Proud to Use Glass Tops Vinolock. Here Is Why,

Classic covers,

  1. Cork stopper with metal/stone / plastic cap on the top, which you hold on to and pull away from the bottle to open.
  2. Screw caps which are primarily on blends and high-end Japanese whiskies, and old-school single malts

The purest always want a cork closure, as there is a satisfying feeling when you open a cork-sealed bottle due to both the motion and the sound of the cork leaving the glass. There is something extraordinary and meaningful about it.

Screw caps are a helpful tool, used predominantly in blends but also in some single malts, including entry-level Glenfiddich products dating back to the early 1970s. 

The rule is “at the higher value/prestige end of the spirits packaging spectrum. Clients understand the reassurance and premium quality cues that a weighted ‘cork topper signals to the consumer as opposed to a screw cap.”

One very important positive for screw caps, as pointed out to me by a different Master blender, is that they very rarely fail.

The downside to cork closures, something I have experienced on more than one occasion, is that the cork starts falling apart; it can fall off the wooden top and get jammed in the neck or, worse, disintegrate into the bottle.

In addition, cork permits more evaporation then than the alternative. 

Curiously, some of the most sought-after Japanese whiskies have screw caps for closures, including the Yamazaki 2017 Limited Edition whi,ch retailed at £250 when launched.

As it is whiskey, the oxidation of cork is not needed. 

The Terebelo Solution is a brilliant glass cork Vinolock that bespoke luxury with the pop of a cork and the protection of metal. Ensuring our collectors and friends can treasure their bottles for however long they choose. 

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