Do I Have To Wash Hamoitzi On The Worlds Most Prestigious Donut

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The Question You May Be Asking  If I Buy The Worlds Most Prestigious Donut, Do I Have To Wash

It’s a great question and explains the size of the donut. Donuts are made in two fashions, 

  1. You make a dough, take it, and throw it into a deep fryer, our donut.
  2. You bake the dough, sometimes coating the outside with oil and baking.

Option one is the way we made ours, as the Minhag was to eat donuts fried in oil, Says רבי שלמה זלמן הליכות שלמה הלכות יז-20 that we are striving to make a Mezonas. Since the מזבח was the only vessel that couldn’t be purified from the Greeks, they, therefore, instituted to eat donuts that are מזונות. To keep it short and sweet, there is an old Yiddish song. און הייסע זודיגע …העסן מיר און ע’שיר (trasalataion and donuts we eat without a limit). What does that mean? It would seemingly mean the ברכה אחרונה that it is always מזונות This possibility can only be, at least according to most opinions, if the donut is fried. As otherwise, it is like ordinary cake or worse, that always runs into quantity and המוציא issues.

The largest you can practically fry a donut and not have a raw inside is the size of our donut. 

Hope you enjoyed the expanation. You now have homework to figure out all the different opinions of the ברכה on donuts.

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