What Wine Did The Rashbam Drink

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What Wine Did The Rashbam Drink

The Rashbam lived in the same city as his grandfather Troyes. As Troyes is located in the Champagne region of France, one can only imagine the holy sage breaking open for Kiddush sparkling champagne. Crystal clear with perfect bubbles. 

Interestingly enough, the region today famous for its white wines was making red wines, with the ratio being a staggering 84% red wine. 

The Rashbam himself, however, writes that he let sit the skins of the grapes in the wine for weeks to give it a pinkish color. Today we would classify that as Rose. So we know he was drinking Rose, but drinking white wine, let alone champagne, remains to be proven. 

It is also known that around 1150, he taught in Rouen (Hebrew רדום – Rodom, the capital city of Plantagenet Normandy Duchy) at the Yeshiva, whose remains were discovered in 1976. (Source היין בימי הבינינם page 76) Source for being in Rouen (Rodom)

The Iben Ezra was there in Room as well.

  כי הנה בין ירושלם ובין זאת העיר ששמה ‘רדום’ יותר משלש שעות. ואם על הראִייה לסמוך ,

 היה לו לפרש על אי זה מקום היא הראיה; כי תשתנה קשת המראה לכל מקום  [שמות פרק יבעם פירוש ראב”ע פירוש ב – הארוך]

The question is whether the Iben Ezra and The Rashbam shared a cup of Rose wine or even made wine together remains.

Stay tuned for more on the Iben Ezra, the Yeshiva at Rouen, and all the Rishonim that made and drank wine.





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