Chanukkah The Great Kick off Of GrogMag

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Chanukkah The Great Kick  off Of GrogMag

Thank you for the warm reception that GrogMag has received so far. With thousands of visitors monthly from around the globe, we have become known for our high-quality material in the alcohol industry and a strong proponent of responsible education. As an ardent fan of creating your favorite wine, beer, mead, etc., make the experienced firsthand; when you create, you develop a greater appreciation for what you will be sipping.

I’m looking forward to hearing your comments on the forums we will be having a refer-a-friend contest and more, as this project can only be successful with you and your and your friend’s participation.

Our Moto “Get educated in the art, and you are less likely to ruin the painting.”

Stay tuned for the podcast, and shop.


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