Whiskey Stones What They Are How They Work

Whiskey Stones What They Are, How They Work

If you like drinking scotch, whiskey, or even Coke, La’bello, From Terebelo Whiskey house, whiskey stones cool your drink down without diluting it. Freezing your whiskey stones enough to keep your drink cool takes time.

Place your stones on a dish in the freezer for at least 4 hours. If they came in a velvet bag, feel free to leave them there. Otherwise, place your stones on a small dish in the freezer and leave them for at least 4 hours (or longer).

  • If the stones aren’t frozen, they won’t have enough chilling power to cool down your drink.
  • If you’re picking up a freezer-burn taste when you use your stones, try sealing them in a plastic bag before putting them in the freezer.
Place your stones in the bottom of each glass. 


  • Whiskey stones won’t affect the flavor of your drink, so you can use them in anything you’d like.
Pour your drink and wait for 1 to 2 minutes for the liquid to chill. Whiskey stones take a few minutes to transfer their coldness to your glass. Before sipping, at this point, take a few minutes to admire the look and feel of your Terebelo whiskey stones and have a chance to work their magic.

  • Whiskey stones cool down your drink without diluting it with water, which is their main benefit. However, the coldness doesn’t last quite as long as ice; after about 25 minutes, your drink will probably return to room temperature.

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