Terebelo Distillery Recycles Bourbon Barrels to Create A Sukkah

GrogMag, Terebelo
GrogMag, Terebelo
Terebelo Distillery Recycles Bourbon Barrels to Create A Sukkah

Terebelo Distillery, the world’s most beloved New York Distillery, has built a Sukkah that, in our words, seems like it walked right out of the cooperage. Here we speak to Owner and Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo to hear what pushed him to do it, his inspiration, and where he goes from here. 

Welcome, Binyomin; fill us in. Thank you for having me; as you see from the pictures, the barrels were opened and made into the walls of the Sukkah. The barrels below facing upwards are 30-gallon barrels used to age bourbon. They are all Minnesotan oak. The top going around sideways is a Caribbean Rum Cask used as a finishing for the Bourbon.

Since I had no Sukkah this year, I wanted to create something truly unique as I was thinking, I realized I had just emptied about 30 barrels as bourbon barrels cannot be reused; I wanted to do something with them other than throwing them out. I thought of cutting some of them up and transporting them back from my distillery to my apt. 

As you can imagine, the wood was still wet with alcohol, and it was enjoyable to be drilling and inhaling the Bourbon that was coming out of the wood as  I drilled. 

It actually came out much nicer than my wildest expectations though I have yet to complete it as the rest of the Sukkah is sensitive to rain. 

I received tremendous feedback and plan on creating something that will blow your mind next year. It’s pretty interesting as both the Jewish and Non-Jewish worlds are intrigued by this hut, some asking if I mean Copy Robinson Cruso. There were a few requests for prices to make this “Gazzibo.”

The best part about this Sukkah is the number of guests that have come over to check it out. Some come over even when I am not home just to take pictures. I do admit, though, that if I am not home, I do not leave a bottle in the Sukkah when I am not around. 

Looking forward to seeing you sharing a shot and Chag Sameach!

Binyomin Terebelo

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