Hatred Is Alive And Well

Hatred Is Alive And Well

Hatred Is Alive And Well

Wine bottles with portraits of German dictator Adolf Hitler.

A collection of wine bottles with an image of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on its labels have been sold in Italy as collectible items and attracted German tourists and others.

The wine bottles show Hitler in a range of poses with slogans such as “Mein Führer” (“My Leader”), “Sieg Heil” (“Hail to Victory”) and “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer” (One People, One Realm, One Leader”).

On average, the local administration of Remini reportedly receives six complaints per year, as city mayor Andrea Grassi told the Times of Israel in an interview. When asked about the measures the authorities took to solve the problem, Grassi claimed such attempts went in vain in the past. He added the problem is beyond mayoral jurisdiction, saying that the court has reversed the local government’s decision to ban “such fascist products.”

“As long as a new law is not approved, all attempts and action by the municipality can result in nothing,” he told the Times of Israel.

The 1995 Historical Series of Lunardelli accounts for nearly half of their revenue and, in turn, production, as per the winemaker’s website.

In 2012, a feud was parked in an Italian supermarket after a Jewish couple from the US, holidaying in Garda (northern Italy), discovered wine bottles featuring the Nazi leader. The bottles were named ”Mein Kampf”, “Ein volk, ein Reich, ein Fuhrer,” and “Fuhrerwein.” Bottles also sported Hitler doing his usual salute.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Cindy Hirsch took offense at the wine bottle labels condemning the public sale of such bottles. Speaking to Daily Telegraph, she revealed that the visual was personally disheartening since she was an Auschwitz survivor while her grandparents and aunt were killed in concentration camps. “It is not only an affront to Jews; even my husband and I are Jews. It is an affront to humanity as a whole,” she had said.

Are They Truly Ending The Line In 2023

Vini Lunardelli has repeatedly insisted that it is not “political.” Winemaker Andrea Lunardelli told VICE World News via email that he was “absolutely not a Nazi” and that the Hitler wine was produced for a market that wanted to “remember” history and in response to customer demand.

“Unfortunately, the most requested label [in the “historical” line] is Hitler – especially by Germans, but also by many British, Nordic, French and Russians,” he said. “But no Italian wants Hitler.”

He said the company would discontinue the entire “historical” line of wines from the start of 2023 when he would take over the running of the winemaker from his father because he did not like the line and was sick of the controversies around the product.

But he insisted that he was shutting down the line because he wanted to, rather than because anyone was making him and that the offense taken to the product was overblown and unreasonable.

Whoever buys [the Hitler wine] is a collector, or remembers history, or wants nationalism against the current policies of multinationals… not against Jews,” he said.

“Besides, Hitler was a teetotaller, so we can even say that alcohol and Hitler are a nice joke.”

But the promise of withdrawing the line was little comfort to critics.

Shimon Samuels, director for international relations for the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, has been involved in protests against the wine line since it was first launched 27 years ago. He told VICE World News that previous protests had seen the product temporarily removed from shelves, only to return later.

“They wouldn’t be doing this if there wasn’t a market for this stuff,” he said.

I simply don’t believe the line is ending as it is half their revenue; it is good for businesses to claim it. That said, he is correct. The hatred is there. The winemaker is capitalizing on it. 

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