New York Bourbon Whisky History And Taste

New York Whisky
New York Whisky

New York Bourbon Whisky History And Taste

New York Bourbon Whisky’s history dates back to the 1640s. The first distillery in what today is the United States was founded in New York City in the year 1640. Located in Staten Island by Dutch Governor William Kieft, who hired Wilhelm Hendrikson as master distiller, where it is believed that he used corn and rye.

This is a quote from Makers Mark Distillery when filling for their distillery and other buildings to have landmark status. Filed in 1980.

“The development of a distilled spirits industry proceeded
slowly, however, because most colonists lacked knowledge of
distilling procedures and did not have the necessary equipment,
and those that did had little time to put their expertise into
practice because of the difficulties of frontier life. Dutchman
William Kieft is generally credited with establishing the first
American distillery on Staten Island in 1640, and many of the
Virginia colonists are known to have distilled fruit brandy
before 1650, but these operations were on a small scale and
only of local significance. Significant commercial distilling
began in Boston in 1657 with the establishment of the first
rum distillery. For well over a century, New England rum was
not only the favorite distilled beverage among the colonists
but one of the foundations of the famed triangular trade between
that region, Africa, and the West Indies. “

Wondering what the tasting notes were?

Terebelo Distillery
Terebelo Distillery

For that, you must contact Binyomin Terebelo directly as at his distillery. His goal is to recreate the tasting notes that were historically New York. From sweeter corn to a much different climate than Kentucky, not to mention the soil makeup is worlds apart, be prepared to hear an entire class on the topic. I discussed this exact question with him and asked how come other New York Bourbons, such as Widow Jane, don’t taste like his he shared that shockingly they are all Kentucky, Indiana, Or Tennessee whiskey branded as New York bourbon and say so on the label on the back label I checked and it states exactly that. I do know that for a fact, Binyomins whiskey does have quite a unique taste on the palate, falling between a Scotch and a Bourbon in the flavor profile.

Binyomin promised he would do a follow-up article on this “fraud.” And if it is really a fraud. 

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