Kids Kicking Cancer Silent Auction Is Today

In 1999, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg started Kids Kicking Cancer in response to the fantastic benefits he found that martial arts meditation and breathing techniques have for those in great pain and stress — particularly children.

As the program began to develop, parents, doctors, nurses, and many others began to comment on the changes they saw in the boys and girls who had joined our classes. These adults were nothing short of mesmerized as they witnessed kids utilizing a technique for taking control of pain, fear, and anger. In addition, the children became natural teachers of these methods.

Backed by research, our martial arts-based meditative techniques have successfully reduced pain and stress in children with cancer and other chronic illnesses and their otherwise healthy siblings.

As a result, Kids Kicking Cancer expanded from servicing only pediatric cancer patients to creating the Heroes Circle®, an initiative dedicated to lowering the pain and stress of ALL children.

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