Pipeline Of Vodka Rushing From Ukraine To Moldova

Pipeline Of Vodka Rushing From Ukraine To Moldova

This must be Ukraine’s most significant concern; everything else is going right. Or maybe it’s the opposite; they can’t afford to part with vodka as it is much needed to lift morale. 

What am I talking about? Read on as reported in Vice and other news outlets.

An illegal “vodka pipeline” has been discovered by a group of patrolling Ukrainian border officials near the southeastern city of Podolsk.

According to the Ukrainian government, the pipeline transported alcohol from Ukraine into Moldova. 

“Three hundred meters of polyethylene pipe stretched from the state border underground in the direction of the private home of a 32-year-old citizen of Ukraine,” the Ukrainian government said in a statement. “Previously, the discovered highway was used for the illegal transfer of alcohol to Ukraine from the Transnistrian segment of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border.”

The recently discovered vodka highway is part of a network of pipelines built under the former Soviet Union to transport cheap Russian vodka out of the country and into neighboring states to sell for a hefty profit. 

A two-mile pipeline was found in 2004 between Belarus and Lithuania, and a one-mile line was discovered four years later between Russia and Estonia. The most recent discovery came in 2013 when a line was found running through Kazakhstan into Kyrgyzstan. 

The Ukrainian government plans to investigate and dismantle the newly discovered pipeline. At this point, there is no more vodka flowing through the pipeline. No mention of the still probably because he is still at work, only this time must do for free for the Ukrainian army.

Whatever I don’t know, the bottom line is that it probably doesn’t taste great.

Tasting Notes

The PVC imparts a wonderful piquant plastic undertone. Along with an earthly feel, not to mention the feeling of critters in your stomach.

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