Evan Williams Bottle Is In Anti-Semitic Advertisement Please Call To Express Displeasure

Evan Williams Bottle Is In Anti-Semitic Advertisement Please Call To Express Displeasure

Jewish community leaders in Chile have expressed outrage at the publication of a newspaper advertisement for cut-price liquor that featured a notorious antisemitic meme.

This advertisement appeared in the Monday edition of the journal Las Últimas Noticias displays the “Happy Merchant” — an internet meme depicting a bearded Jewish man with a hooked nose and a sly smile rubbing his hands with glee — alongside discounted bottles of Evan Williams and rum. The ad was placed by Arbol Verde, an alcohol distribution company located in the city of Valparaiso.

In a statement carried on its Twitter account, the Jewish Community of Chile denounced the advertisement for reviving a “classic stereotype of Nazi propaganda” that had led to “the genocide of six million Jews” during the Holocaust.

A spokesperson for Arbol Verde told local news outlet BioBioChile that it had used the illustration to highlight the discounts for customers paying in cash, and that there had been no intention of causing offense to the Jewish community.

Responding in support of the Jewish community’s tweet, the Israeli Embassy in the capital, Santiago, scoffed at the distribution company’s answer, remarking: “Not having the intention to offend does not explain or reduce the seriousness of the facts.”

Separately, Gabriel Silber — a former member of the Chilean parliament and a Jewish community activist — lamented the general lack of condemnation of the advertisement.

It’s not in the press of Nazi Germany, it’s in the Chile of today,” Silber tweeted, adding that “antisemitic caricatures” in other countries would result in cross-communal repudiation.”

As a community, we are not asking you to boycott Evan Williams as we believe as the article above said the fault is with the distributor but to call them at  (502) 272-2623. ask them to publicly denounce the ad. Or Via Email

Please share this post, united we can change this for our brothers in Chile!


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