Kids Kicking Cancer An Open Letter From GrogMag

Here at GrogMag, we don’t often endorse charities. 

So what makes Kids Kicking Cancer so unique? Is it the wonderful staff? The care for the children? The short line is all of the above and so much more.

When Kids Kicking Cancer reached out to me and asked if I could donate a bottle of bourbon to their Silent auction held at KnollwoodCountry Club
West Bloomfield, Michigan.

I looked into the cause as you should to. After being simply astounded by their work. I offered to create as a fundraiser a bottle that would be truly special
and unique. I am amidst of creating a bottle with a diamond-encrustedtop designed by a Jeweler who creates for the Oscars. A hand-painted
label and a case will be uniquely created by famed TikTokr Eitz Carving.

At this point I need you behind me, be it from a share a like or a retweet, lets make this happen, the goal to have the bottle sold for a price that it will garner national attention and recogniton for the orginization your little action helps . As a crew of artists, we can’t offer more than the thrill of satisfaction of helping these kids.

Thank you for understanding and holding our hand, as we do our best to hold our childrens.

Binyomin Terebelo

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