American Corn Whiskey What Is It

Corn Whiskey
Corn Whiskey

American Corn Whiskey What Is It

The hidden gem on the American Spirits scene, American corn whiskey, is one of the finest whiskey you can purchase, fully bodied, tasteful, and so very American and sadly hard to find. Why?  

Let me explain; America is known for its bourbon with all of its uniqueness, from Terebelo Bourbon in New York to Pappy in Kentucky, each pulling their weight and having their own distinctive and rich flavor. The flavor can be attributed to both the bourbon or spirit that goes into the barrel and to the barrel itself being the char level and the source of the oak.

It is all quite regulated from the strength of the alcohol when it goes into the barrel to the Char and new cask to the age statement. This ensures a consistent and uniform product across the board and helps bring unique and exceptional artists such as Terebelo and Pappy to the fore.

American Corn Whiskey

For years was either low quality, moonshine, or both. Understandably, whiskey devotees generally overlook the category entirely. 

The reason is that there is no outline or regulations besides two, and one doesn’t count. That is the age statement just don’t write the age.

– It must

Corn Whiskey Moonshine
Corn Whiskey Moonshine

contain a minimum of 80% corn in its mash bill.

– If aged, it must be kept in used or uncharred oak barrels.

While it’s possible that bourbon and a corn whiskey can share the same mash bill, whiskey can never be classified as both at the same time. Further, the above requirements allow corn whiskey to be bottled without undergoing any maturation in oak.

As you have figured out by now, when there are no regulations other than two, you are literally in the wild west, and until recently, there were no nice guys. There was moonshine and corn syrup ready to knock you out.

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