GrogMag Is Sponsoring A Spirits And Art Fair

Terebelo Bourbon

GrogMag Is Sponsoring A Spirits And Art Fair

You read-write GrogMag is sponsoring this mysterious Spirits And Art Fair. Why the mystique, and what is happening? Stay tuned, and book your tickets as tickets are limited.

What We Can Share So Far

First, let me tell you what we know so far. Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo has shared that Terebelo Distillery has an on-site liquor license and a one-day pass that was attainable as they are a New York Farm distillery. This unique designation enables the distillery to give out tastings and, more promising, an extraordinary event.

In addition, it seems that the Distillery will have a special tasting of a one-of-a-kind barrel finish available for tasting and pre-order. This bourbon is finished in wet wine casks, a truly unique and delicate process. 

As in days gone by when the Sherry was emptied from the cask in the U.K. after arriving from Spain and filled the same day with whiskey  Terebelo Distillery practices this art of filling the still wet barrels hours after it was emptied to give the fresh and fruity wine flavor full expression.

Binyomin Terebelo personally picks up the barrel from Engel Winery, brings it up to the Distillery, and fills it himself choosing from the barrel racks the barrel with the best profile to go with the wine  (More On this another time)

Why All The Urgency To Fill

The urgency to fill: since the wine barrel is not sterilized as is standard practice today, there is actually wine in the barrel, and wine open to oxygen for too long will spoil.

This practice stopped in 1986, the year that Spain passed legislation requiring that any wine that is to be called Sherry, Or Port must have been bottled locally in Spain. As I am sure you can figure out, from Spain to Scotland will take more than 24 hours unless you overnight it.


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