Why The Price Of Bourbon Is going to Get Way More Expensive

Why The Price Of Bourbon Is going to Get Way More Expensive
Why The Price Of Bourbon Is going to Get Way More Expensive


Why The Price Of Bourbon Is going to Get Way More Expensive

Last month, renewable fuel groups banded together to call on President Biden to authorize year-round sales of E15 gasoline, a blend of 85% petroleum and 15% ethanol.

The pitch: This would help ease U.S. gas prices – which had been rising ever since Biden took office, never mind his lousy claim of “Putin price hike” by widening the spigot of gasoline-friendly corn ethanol to be blended with petroleum. Much of the unleaded we put in our vehicles is E10, or 10% ethanol.

Do you think this will help, or is this a business ploy by the corn farmers?

Will This Work To Lower Prices

Biden greenlighted more E15  to help push down gas prices? 

U.S. corn growers already sell 40% of their new annual crop toward ethanol production.

Summertime E15 is sold in only a handful of cities for non-flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) because of concerns about evaporative emissions from conventional gasoline engines in hotter months.

Years ago, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined E15 was as safe as E10 to burn in regular passenger vehicles made in 2000 and after. You can readabout the mechanical concerns this ruling tried to address (it also explains why high blends like E85, which is up to 83% ethanol, are restricted to FFV engines).

Guess What It Didn’t Work.

Biden permitted the gasoline to be E15 throughout the coming months. As you see at the pump, the gas price hasn’t gone down. Biden has yet to admit to the reality of economics that when you take from one resource for another, the one you are taking from will go up. I mean, take away gas supply such as keystone or any other resource, and gas will go up to take away corn and corn items will go up. Fairly obvious. Continue below.

Even Worse, It Will Make Your Gas And Bourbon More Expensive.

Would increasing ethanol by use of corn even help to save drivers money? 

That depends on the price of corn. Ethanol, mostly refined from corn oil, is not a 1:1 replacement in the tank for petroleum gas. This loss of mpg is negligible in E10 and E15, but what about those of us driving E85-capable cars?

Rich Nelson, a chief strategist at Illinois-based agricultural analysis firm Allendale, explained if there was no federal blending requirement, ethanol needs to be priced at 70% of unleaded gasoline to make it competitive.

I don’t need to get into all the details and facts; all I will say after you look at the graph below, the ethanol environmental groups think you are stupid, and even worse, Joe Biden thinks you are stupid

Bourbon if we can even find corn, will be way higher, and the bourbon we way to rest the stock will be way smaller. #FJB


Price Of Corn
Price of corn do you see the correlation with gas?


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