Three Best Ways To Invest In Bourbon And Whisky

Three Best Ways To Invest In Bourbon And Whisky
Three Best Ways To Invest In Bourbon And Whisky

The Three Best Ways to Invest in Bourbon And Whiskey

Below we will go through three ways to invest in bourbon and other alcohol.

Invest On The Stock Market in Companies That Produce Alcohol

You can track stock market data using resources like Vanguard, Robinhood, etc., or hire a financial advisor to invest in the stocks of publicly-traded alcohol companies.

Here are five of them and their performance last five years (May 2022):

A. Constellation Brands, Inc (NYSE: STZ)

234.83 USD+53.90 

B. Diageo PLC (NYSE: DEO)

181.36 USD+59.99 past five years

C. Brown-Forman Corporation (NYSE: BF-B)

61.98 USD+20.60 past five years

D. Willamette Valley Vineyards, Inc. (NASDAQ: WVVI)

6.88 USD-1.17 past five years

E. LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE (EPA: MC)

560.40 EUR+333.00 past five years

2. Alcohol Funds

Whiskey funds are similar to private equity funds and are frequently recommended by financial advisors.


They are managed by knowledgeable fund managers who can identify and exploit arbitrage possibilities.

Here are a few examples:

A. Platinum Whiskey Investment Fund
  • I don’t have to say that much it has liquidated; in other words, it has gone bankrupt.
B. Wave Financial
  • Wave Financial’s website’s claims and ways are astounding, with many figures, no verifiable data as they openly state through conversation, etc. 

Wine Funds A Short List

  • Sommelier Capital Advisors Hedge Fund
  • Watermark Fine Wine
  • Vini Sileo Vineyard Fund

Remember that your investments in such funds may require a five-year commitment. Shares to may take a while to sell as a buyer must be found.

The Third Option Buying Investment Barrels And Bottles

Buy bottles; this is not such a viable option as reselling is technically illegal, so it can be tough to resell. When you find a buyer, often there must be paid high commission rates. Or Invest In Whiskey barrels and bottles before they are sold to stores as they then can enter the stores in the years down the road giving you easier access to sell your bottles, not to mention that you will be purchasing the bottles pre-tax so they will be a whole lot cheaper.

Terebelo Distillery now has a department that lets you invest in the barrels from the distillery of your choice. s

How Does It Work?

Y‍ou can do the research and choose your distillery, and we will reach out to the distillery using our license to see if they have stock available that they would sell under bond. For those that follow the market, the market often, barrels are sold and forgotten about only to be remembered years later; most famous is when Macallan barrels are found.

Barrels aging
Barrels aging

Or another option, we can do the leg work for you as we have connections with multiple distilleries, global exchanges, and merchants at best possible wholesale prices.

The barrels are then stored in optimal conditions of humidity, temperature, air quality, light, and vibration with experienced storage providers. All under a bonded warehouse means you will not need to pay taxes until it is bottled and sent out to you.

Terebelo also offers a full insurance policy at market value! 

You can sell your portfolio anytime to a counterparty buyer and get the wines delivered to them. 

What Are The Fees Involved

Terebelo Private Client charges $15 a month plus bottling fees. If you want to bottle, call Yaakov at 7326161170

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